How You Can Help

Partner with Parishes


Arrange medical appointments for all family members and provide transportation. Children need vaccinations to begin school. Help the family apply for health insurance.



Furnish an apartment with all furniture and household supplies according to the family‚Äôs size


Provide a hot meal the night of arrival and groceries to last a day. Make a follow-up home visit within 24 hours and take the family grocery shopping.


Provide case management to respond to any unmet needs. Make available counseling services and support.

Identify Resources Available


Find apartment at a fair market rate, in a safe neighborhood, with access to groceries, schools, transportation and services.


Cultural orientation begins on day one. Walk the family through emergency procedure and cultural norms the night of their first arrival.


Continue cultural orientation over the course of three official sessions and a final assessment. Cultural education and orientation should be ongoing with every interaction.


Enroll children in school within 30 days. Provide ongoing school support, including educating parents on the US school system, interpretation at parent-teacher meetings, homework help and school supplies.


Help the family apply for social services like cash assistance and food stamps. Obtain work documents: employment authorization and a Social Security card.


Engage donations and volunteers. Connect the refugee with community resources.

Offer Time and Talent


Help the refugees sign their lease, register their mailbox, and sign onto utilities. Teach them how to use public transportation. Provide information on budgeting.


Continue providing ELS, transportation, medical case management, transportation, interpretation services, school support, immigration services, cultural orientation.


Remain part of the refugees’ community and a primary contact as any life situations arise. Refugees lack a support system network when they arrive. We are the people they trust.


Enrolled the family in English (ESL)  classes. Most refugees arrive speaking little to no English. Provide interpretation for all appointments.


Arrange job interviews and ensure that the refugee secures employment.

How I Can Help