The Refugee Resettlement Program of Catholic Social Services

“… Jesus was a refugee, he had to flee to save his life, with Saint Joseph and Mary… The number of these brother refugees is growing … forced to leave their homes in order to save their life … Let us be their neighbors … and take concrete steps to reduce their suffering.” – Pope Francis

Today, there are over 65 million refugees throughout the world, fleeing religious persecution, torture and execution, war, famine and poverty. They are our brothers and sisters, seeking a safe haven, a new place to call home. Catholic Social Services (CSS) has heeded the call of Pope Francis to “Share the Journey” through its Refugee Resettlement Program by welcoming 84 refugees from over 2 dozen families representing 13 different countries that are suffering from this humanitarian crisis.

Will you stand with us in welcoming them? Contact us here to find out how you can help.

How You Can Help