Get Involved

Consider the following ways to encounter and accompany immigrants and refugees in your community:


Engage in advocacy for legislation and policies that will benefit newcomers by writing letters and emails, and visiting your city, state, and federal government representatives.


1: COURT ACCOMPANIMENT: serve as a volunteer to attend court hearings and other official proceedings in support of immigrants who are undocumented. Accompaniment volunteers provide moral support for the individual, and visible but silent testimony to court officials that the community is observing the proceedings. Volunteers are trained in advance, attend court in groups, and are not expected to provide any form of legal or social work advice.

2: TRANSPORTATION: Provide a ride (and interpretation if needed) for Grocery Shopping, Medical Appointments, School Meetings, Legal Appointments, etc.

3: SERVICES: Offer your help with everyday tasks such as navigating SEPTA, planning a Budget, getting an ID card or Driver’s License, opening a Bank Account, Moving and doing Repairs and other forms of financial literacy


Provide help finding and becoming enrolled with COMMUNITY RESOURCE PROVIDERS that work with, represent, or accompany immigrants and refugees:

  • Legal Services
  • Schools
  • Housing
  • Food Banks
  • Literacy and Adult Education
  • Religious Institutions
  • Day Care Programs
  • Social Services
  • Job Opportunities
  • Libraries and Cultural Organizations


Contribute your gift to provide financial assistance to individuals and families in crisis; of new and gently used furniture or housewares; by purchasing gift cards for emergency food assistance.